Redwall: Warlords

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Welcome to Redwall:Warlords (RWL), a turn-based strategy game based on the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Somewhere in Mossflower Country...
You are a vermin warlord, with one purpose: to conquer all! Choose a race, from fox to ferret, each with their own special abilities. Gather resources and land to feed and build your army, and attack other warlords to steal their land. Should you ally with others, or be the lone wolf? Who can be trusted, and who will betray you? Will you be our next Emperor?

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Wolf Snare
August 04, 2018, 07:40:12 PM by Wolf Snare
Views: 97 | Comments: 8

They are too high. As an Indy there were way too many people storing troops at minimum prices and it was basically inactive and impossible for an Indy to make any money through it. Mercenaries is currently the only viable way to solo Indy, which is n...
Wolf Snare
July 26, 2018, 05:10:25 PM by Wolf Snare
Views: 157 | Comments: 22

So this punk unprovokedly makes a mock clan of our teaching clan, murders away a bunch of networth without reason, and you're going to let him live at one acre? This code is ridiculous, I even killed him fair and square for being a twat.

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