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Title: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: windhound on April 02, 2019, 07:25:05 PM
Redwall: Warlords
7 of the 30 Warlords in the game are considered active.

36 Warlords have been destroyed, and -35 Warlords have been abandoned.
0 accounts have been disabled by Administration.
There are 4 active Clans.

1. Confutatis (#6)
$6,403,015,683 with 196,299 Acres

2. Supply & Demand (#7)
$1,140,693,614 with 274,414 Acres

3. MonopolyMan (#11)
$473,602,454 with 4,119 Acres

4. Rockruff (#12)
$205,450,823 with 4,221 Acres

5. Land Farm (Free Land) (#13)
$72,691,203 with 28,643 Acres

6. Blood of the Fold (#30)
$5,311,907 with 7,669 Acres

7. Greenbriar (#23)
$3,099,865 with 4,708 Acres

8. kell (#22)
$271,848,392 with 9,031 Acres

9. Northern Hordes (#17)
$103,865,404 with 3,677 Acres

10. Andar (#19)
$39,141,448 with 9,428 Acres

11. Day of the dead (#10)
$30,681,152 with 1 Acres

12. Honorius (#28)
$17,446,983 with 22,491 Acres

13. Bohemian Rhapsody (#14)
$4,746,351 with 7,109 Acres

14. Valgar (#27)
$4,680,325 with 7,109 Acres

15. Black Adder (#25)
$4,331,808 with 6,522 Acres

Most Rats
Confutatis (#6)
1,203,423,221 Rats

Most Weasels
Confutatis (#6)
455,717,681 Weasels

Most Stoats
Confutatis (#6)
581,505,514 Stoats

Most Skiffs
Confutatis (#6)
241,954,728 Skiffs

Most Food
Supply & Demand (#7)
5,004,809,860 Food

Most Cash
MonopolyMan (#11)
997,999,181,802 Cash

Most Leaders
Confutatis (#6)
33,582,972 Leaders

Most Loyalty
Rockruff (#12)
326,472,547 Loyalty

Most Land
Supply & Demand (#7)
274,414 Land

Most Total Offenses
Supply & Demand (#7)
2,902 Total Offenses

Most Total Defenses
Supply & Demand (#7)
1,605 Total Defenses

Two days late, sorry guys. 
Don't think it affected the results tho
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: windhound on April 02, 2019, 07:38:21 PM
Going to wait on the reset for a day or two. 
I'd like some input on how to proceed, are you guys happy with 3mo rounds? 

I've detailed the reasons why I made the changes previously, but in short: 
- Turbo's fast turn rate meant those who couldn't babysit their accounts got left in the dust 
- Reg's slow turn rate was slow, to the point of being a little boring. 
- Never ending reg with a very small playerbase doesn't work, someone can entrench and be very nearly impossible to remove. 

Thus a medium turn rate that seems to allow people to log in once every day or two and remain competitive, while limited rounds mean if someone dominates it's not for too long. 

Turbo themes were fun and are still in the code (though potentially buggy, no idea if they still work right), the biggest problem is that most of them rely on at least 20 active players. 
Or they're just obnoxious. 

If you guys want to keep playing I don't mind keeping a game server open (and I'll try to reset on time). 
Just want some feedback. 
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: Gier on April 02, 2019, 09:50:08 PM
Firstly, I find the 3 month sets way too long. People give up if they get a beating halfway in the set. Eventhough there's often still time enough to catch up. Basicly most people lose motivation and interest when they see someone doing well. 1 month sets might keep people motivated longer. I've played two sets here now and midset I often find myself demotivated because it's another month.

Secondly, I find the game too landfat. Check last few sets. Numbers are insane. People won't sign  up halfway in the set when there's already 200k land in the game of if they see someone with 1 bil networth.
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: Shadow on April 03, 2019, 07:51:19 AM
Thanks for getting the reset, windy

Not sure about turbo. I don't plan on playing much going forward, I just played to mess with the new market system the last couple of sets.

There's a reasonable argument to be made for shuttering the game at this point, but if people want to keep it running then it's not much of a drain on server resources (right?).
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: windhound on April 03, 2019, 09:00:22 AM
I want to say a decade or so ago our hosting co at the time made a comment about cpu usage, but yeah, running a game server now has zero impact. 

I don't mind monthly resets, and we can ditch the landfarm for a round. 
Or I can disable the landfarm's scout routine so it just catches dropped land. 
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: Disl on April 04, 2019, 10:43:40 AM
3 months is tedious to play out to say the least. I disagree with the too much land sentiment. 1 month sets should be fine in regards to land.  Problem is some people dont even try to attack for land. They just assume its out of reach which is not the case at all.
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: Shadow on April 04, 2019, 12:18:31 PM
Most people who are still playing are not doing it competitively, I think. The game doesn't work when only one or two people are playing to win.
Title: Re: March 2019 Round Results
Post by: windhound on April 04, 2019, 03:46:15 PM
Alright, we'll do a one month round with the same turn rate and see how it goes. 
The game isn't super fun when it's land starved, we'll leave the landfarm as is.  If it becomes a problem we can have the landfarm 'disappear' land as needed. 

Server reset