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Title: The most underutilized Stategy
Post by: JesterAverageJoe on December 29, 2020, 05:34:48 PM
This technique which I do recall fondly being one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game (& very likely the only real reason I've ever lingered in the top rank for longer than a couple days), is the more abstract aspect that allows us to interact in-game.
You'd really be surprised at how much easier a game becomes if you simply find a buddy~
I'll shout out Ryu as an example (not that we gang up much, or anything), who'd up until today, was a completely otherwise anonymous empire/warlord on the roster, but I know if I actually send a message, he'll respond & we can organize some mutually beneficial agreement -if not stated outright.
& I believe this to be true for just about any other warlord, barring inactive vacationing kicks in. But while the flamewars of yesteryears may be long gone, those of us still in there, doing stupid things to make the Land Farm unbreakable or playing a war of attrition, I'd say we're still by & large very approachable & cordial. Any new folks who find themselves here; don't let the oldschool slugfest intimidate you, & If you hit some unbreakable wall, odds are, a solution could really be just a message away~
Title: Re: The most underutilized Stategy
Post by: windhound on December 31, 2020, 10:28:48 PM
This is true.   

The one time I took emp on Reg (held #1 for 10 days iirc) was with Nero - who's majority networth (86.08%) was comprised of food (7.6 bil)   
I allied basically everyone and sent out so many bribes aid packets, so many. 

That was 16 years ago........ (, not too long after the collapse of the Rome-themed coordinated clan.  Fun round, think that was about the time we had around 200 active players;  was only a year from this post (, see if I can find some screenshots...

Anyways, yep. 
Plus, you know, the game is more fun when you interact with other players