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Title: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: windhound on March 31, 2021, 05:01:55 PM
Redwall: Warlords
10 of the 16 Warlords in the game are considered active.

36 Warlords have been destroyed, and -36 Warlords have been abandoned.
0 accounts have been disabled by Administration.
There are 2 active Clans.

1. Dark (#8)
$1,507,184,566 with 18,943 Acres

2. Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
$1,071,871,553 with 29,298 Acres

3. Growlithe (#13)
$895,000,000 with 14,459 Acres

4. Mossflower (#9)
$649,905,532 with 17,524 Acres

5. Porygon (#10)
$369,594,382 with 1,707 Acres

6. West (#12)
$109,666,099 with 15,398 Acres

7. heckin Tyranids (#7)
$82,097,954 with 79,661 Acres

8. Land Farm (Free Land) (#4)
$33,970,679 with 9,729 Acres

9. Gyarados (#5)
$21,841,864 with 11,569 Acres

10. BamBam (#14)
$18,619,037 with 13,101 Acres

11. The Dark One (#15)
$44,862,090 with 9,179 Acres

12. Snorlax (#11)
$17,046,898 with 2,568 Acres

13. Sevz (#16)
$3,313,087 with 4,848 Acres

14. Daughters of Delor (Admin) (#1)
$436,848,323 with 26,386 Acres

15. Shadow (Admin) (#3)
$43,222,017 with 16,494 Acres

Most Rats
Dark (#8)
388,809,560 Rats

Most Weasels
Dark (#8)
158,249,272 Weasels

Most Stoats
Dark (#8)
153,184,486 Stoats

Most Skiffs
Mossflower (#9)
48,431,050 Skiffs

Most Food
Growlithe (#13)
24,220,976,430 Food

Most Cash
Porygon (#10)
38,139,962,387 Cash

Most Leaders
Mossflower (#9)
5,403,467 Leaders

Most Loyalty
Porygon (#10)
143,028,683 Loyalty

Most Land
heckin Tyranids (#7)
79,661 Land

Most Total Offenses
Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
1,045 Total Offenses

Most Total Defenses
Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
692 Total Defenses
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: windhound on March 31, 2021, 05:06:59 PM
Congrats Dark (#8)

Growlithe (#13) was mine, and I very much appreciate whoever flooded the market with food (twice!), causing the price to crash to $7/8 per.  'think I made like 1 bil of that 24 bil food, the rest was bought.   
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: JesterAverageJoe on March 31, 2021, 06:02:22 PM
I actually started putting in food as I saw we had no ferrets, so I was hoping to have better profits that way in lieu of the troops the other warlords were PMing away~
didn't thing food would drop below $15 tho! :O
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: Ryu on April 01, 2021, 12:07:00 AM
Was a pleasure to team up with Gier once again. The strategy was simple: 2 indys flood the market and end of set buy it out for a finish. Albeit our finish was sloppy.  I suggested making food to sell for cash. That caused the food price to crash. We ended up selling our skiffs as tax rate was obliterating our buy out cash.  With hindsight I would say Marten and Rat is best for this strategy.

The obvious flaw here is an empire that is killed loses all progress on their market. That caused some initial confusion as I was left on 1 acre because kills have been disabled for a few years.  The strategy also falls apart completely the more market participants there are.  If me and Gier have 100 million rats each but another player has 100 million rats as well we end up losing half that cash trying to clear the market.  This is an exponential loss that makes the strategy viable only if the market is relatively empty.

Btw did anybody sack spam you Windy? You were a pretty juicy target.
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: windhound on April 01, 2021, 05:50:49 AM
Actually no..  it was weird.  Had a handful of sacks, almost all one-off attacks where they swapped back to taking land as they didn't get much.  Don't think we had many pure indies this round, and sacks are heavily slanted infavor of those without any leaders. 
I also perma-raised defenses at the start of the round in preparation but noone tried a steal.  Not even a failed one. 

Was aiming to buy out a chunk of your marketed troops, and I grabbed a few skiffs near the end, but you and Jester are always welcome to flood the market with food; yall about doubled my expected finish net  :P
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: Gier on April 01, 2021, 07:53:38 AM
It was a fun round trying to exploit the current market to the maximum. Always a pleasure to work with Ryu. A very reliable partner with a great understanding of the game. It all looked quiet and peaceful until that attempt to kill him but we already built up our markets by then. Not much that could have been done after that point. Unfortunately we didn't really think the buy out through so we missed out on several 100 million networth.
I'm curious to see what the new guys got planned for next set. They seem eager and motivated to stick around for a while.
Title: Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
Post by: West on April 01, 2021, 10:08:18 AM
Definitely a fun round to get re-acquainted with the game. Now with kills enabled, forming a clan for it's benefits will require a different thought process with the risk involved. Should be an interesting development indeed. Motivation is there! Hopefully able to be a bit more competitive.

Anyway, looking forward to another fun set.