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  • April 20, 2021, 12:22:50 PM
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Reg Discussion / Re: Great news!
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:15:38 AM »
So there's an option to reset once killed (instead of having to make anew), it'll revert to new account settings and all troops/resources will be ~poofed~.   
Actually not positive about marketed goods -- they should just disappear, but again it's been a while. 

General Discussion / Re: Promi design discussion
« on: April 11, 2021, 08:23:10 AM »
The game doesn't incentivize interaction outside of that, which leads to stagnation.

Game doesn't give you much of an identity. Your only "personal attribute" is your race and that just provides passive stats. There isn't much in the way of you feeling like you can insert yourself into the game anywhere.

10 year younger Uiblis felt differently :)
Personally I feel diplomacy is a very important part of the game. Like Kilk said, it's not all just "fun and games." It's also important if you want to remain neutral or be aggressive, and justify your actions so that others will understand what you do and why.
You can lock out the game much more effectively through good diplomacy than through "face smashing".
Lol, I was trying to find a way to say this well.
(...I didn't go searching for that, a 'guest' (bot) was 'reading' it so I clicked, it just happened to be topical)

To be fair, at that time diplomacy was absolutely more important than face smashing.  Combination of more active servers and a slightly less refined game 'meta'.

It's not really prevalent anymore, but just the message system allowed for a ton of interaction.  In the past we had people doing full RP sessions over ingame messages / clan boards.   Though I strongly suspect this was mostly an RWL thing, not Promis in general.     
I remember QMT's old boards being a bit.. angsty. 

Considering now that for a long while, the game here had persisted with it's community otherwise in tact, I was impressed & bewildered, given that so many others (countless, truly) would disolve or disappear for one reason or another.  I feel confident though, that the community played a significant role, perhaps the saving grace that indeed prevented the complete absence of an active Prom round online. In fact (& I hope I'm not beating the dead horse too much on this point), due to this very proactive community, the game herein has incorporated a number of very creative & suprisingly novel mechanics which (please correct me if I'm wrong) I've never seen executed anywhere else. The Public Market's Supply Rate Fluctuation, the unique "Racial Abilities" outside of the stock bonuses & penalties, & finally worth noting, the tragically rare Themed rounds which seem to completely shift the meta to favor more cooperative play or otherwise.
These aspects of this particular variant are very much the Pros.
Cons would probably be that sort of stagnance that most players that persist seem to be reluctantly familiar with. That elusive emergent gameplay... I'd like to believe that the Critter-Prom gimmick provides for a more immersive, shared universe than the default, non-descript High Fantasy fluff

Critter prom was different mostly due to it's players, which the theme strongly influenced. 

I'd argue the game was second to the community, we've had a number of people hang around the forums long after they stopped playing the game.   
We also had a set of players who were fine being absolute trash at the game, but were down in the lower ranks happily RP'ing away. 
It's why you'll find a bunch of player protections coded in that you would never find in a more competitive prom.  There was absolutely a competitive streak, but 'fairness' was seen as more important. 

Helping West out with his QM setup, I forgot how vanilla the default game is. 
For most of it's existence RWL was in a constant state of being modified, with additional units / spells / turbo round themes..  plus a lot of admin stuff on the back end yall can't see. 
Quality of the code wasn't necessarily the ~best~, but it is largely functional.  Mostly.  And it kept the game new and fun.

I think things like the Turbo round themes did help keep the game fresh, and if you didn't like a theme it'd be something different in a few weeks. 
Unfortunately a lot of the themes just don't work very well with server populations under 20 or so.

Now I'm gonna throw some ideas, to the wall... A Spoiler wall because I know how verbose my diatribes can be; this is a courtesy :P

Weather that cycles through a set, favors different troop types while nullifying others intermittently [...]
Message Reply Incentive? [...]
More racial abilities? [...]
capturing a number of leaders, which increases their own ratio & slightly dropping the offending Warlords.
I like the weather idea, but not sure how well it works with our turn-based system. 

Message incentive is just asking for spam, but I appreciate the thought behind it.

And we actually have 'Capture' as an attack modifier that does just that. 

I suggested this before but bots would help in this regard. Something like 1 bot per 5 empires signed up. They aren't very smart so they post goods cheaply and they buy goods at whatever price is available.  Other suggestions would be x2 or even x2.5 wildcat pressgang production, and greater PCI value for casher.
We actually have functional bots..  for RWL3
Been meaning to go through the code and clean it up for Reg.  They're actually pretty smart, and play basically as a player would without (much) cheating.   
RWL3 was significantly more complex, a Reg mage run is dead simple. 

I'm always open to tweaking race values, esp for races that aren't currently used. 

Reg Discussion / Re: Amount of offensive actions remaining
« on: April 07, 2021, 11:23:56 AM »
Yeah, apologies.  Had a bug, noticed and fixed it this morning.   
I'll set your attacks to 4 in a min, anyone else just message me. 

Reg Discussion / Re: Interesting
« on: April 06, 2021, 03:36:10 PM »
I figured indy would be hurt more than leader, but you know, 'Sevz' is a Rat and currently holding first by a good margin. 
We can always adjust the number of attacks you can make as well, what's a reasonable number?

Am a little surprised noone is clanning up. 
Wat up West?  Thought you wanted kills back in.

btw, the changes were added with our theme system so we can swap back to the old maxing system, add additional attacks, and/or turn kills on/off as needed. 
Had an idea of implementing a 'Reinvigorate' spell along the lines of 'Open Attack Op', would prob just need to be relatively high cost like Heal.   

I have zero attachment to this, yall just let me know what makes the game work best. 

Spa Room 101 / Re: Last Word
« on: April 02, 2021, 10:02:21 AM »
Time flies.. 
Crazy to think RWL is nearing 19 year old

Reg Discussion / Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:50:49 AM »
Actually no..  it was weird.  Had a handful of sacks, almost all one-off attacks where they swapped back to taking land as they didn't get much.  Don't think we had many pure indies this round, and sacks are heavily slanted infavor of those without any leaders. 
I also perma-raised defenses at the start of the round in preparation but noone tried a steal.  Not even a failed one. 

Was aiming to buy out a chunk of your marketed troops, and I grabbed a few skiffs near the end, but you and Jester are always welcome to flood the market with food; yall about doubled my expected finish net  :P

Reg Discussion / Re: Mar 2021 Round Results
« on: March 31, 2021, 05:06:59 PM »
Congrats Dark (#8)

Growlithe (#13) was mine, and I very much appreciate whoever flooded the market with food (twice!), causing the price to crash to $7/8 per.  'think I made like 1 bil of that 24 bil food, the rest was bought.   

Reg Discussion / Mar 2021 Round Results
« on: March 31, 2021, 05:01:55 PM »
Redwall: Warlords
10 of the 16 Warlords in the game are considered active.

36 Warlords have been destroyed, and -36 Warlords have been abandoned.
0 accounts have been disabled by Administration.
There are 2 active Clans.

1. Dark (#8)
$1,507,184,566 with 18,943 Acres

2. Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
$1,071,871,553 with 29,298 Acres

3. Growlithe (#13)
$895,000,000 with 14,459 Acres

4. Mossflower (#9)
$649,905,532 with 17,524 Acres

5. Porygon (#10)
$369,594,382 with 1,707 Acres

6. West (#12)
$109,666,099 with 15,398 Acres

7. heckin Tyranids (#7)
$82,097,954 with 79,661 Acres

8. Land Farm (Free Land) (#4)
$33,970,679 with 9,729 Acres

9. Gyarados (#5)
$21,841,864 with 11,569 Acres

10. BamBam (#14)
$18,619,037 with 13,101 Acres

11. The Dark One (#15)
$44,862,090 with 9,179 Acres

12. Snorlax (#11)
$17,046,898 with 2,568 Acres

13. Sevz (#16)
$3,313,087 with 4,848 Acres

14. Daughters of Delor (Admin) (#1)
$436,848,323 with 26,386 Acres

15. Shadow (Admin) (#3)
$43,222,017 with 16,494 Acres

Most Rats
Dark (#8)
388,809,560 Rats

Most Weasels
Dark (#8)
158,249,272 Weasels

Most Stoats
Dark (#8)
153,184,486 Stoats

Most Skiffs
Mossflower (#9)
48,431,050 Skiffs

Most Food
Growlithe (#13)
24,220,976,430 Food

Most Cash
Porygon (#10)
38,139,962,387 Cash

Most Leaders
Mossflower (#9)
5,403,467 Leaders

Most Loyalty
Porygon (#10)
143,028,683 Loyalty

Most Land
heckin Tyranids (#7)
79,661 Land

Most Total Offenses
Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
1,045 Total Offenses

Most Total Defenses
Charlie Zelenoff (#6)
692 Total Defenses

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 28, 2021, 08:04:05 AM »
Would actually pair fairly well with bringing kills back, want your unlimited attacks then clan up. 

Looked over the code and it shouldn't be a big deal to put a switch in, unless there's major objections that'll be next round's theme (kills reenabled, limited attacks instead of defenses without clan warstatus).

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 26, 2021, 08:53:24 AM »
Just to get back on topic. Will a decision be made on how Redwall will be moving forward with regards to killing?

Could you share any adjustments that will be made to gameplay.
Will enable kills next round, yall be nice tho

Additionally, I like the idea of removing the max attacks a player can take and swap it for max attacks a player can make. 
If there's any interest we can try it for a round

[wash my mouth out!!!] this
I was also planning to revisit the word filter

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think the word filter is funny and we should keep it. Maybe some new phrases to filter to.

Oh agreed, but it's still a little..  much

The replacements are toned back, but imo still reasonably funny, ie -
duck this

Reg Discussion / Re: Market / Clunys hut / Steal
« on: March 26, 2021, 08:44:09 AM »
Critter prom yo.     
We've tended to have a younger, less pure-competitive playerbase and we protected them.   

Those players are mostly gone so I'm willing to make some concessions; kills were a part of RWL til relatively recently so it's not a huge stretch to bring them back. 

As far as successful games...  afaik we're the last of our era.  QMT, Vahalla... all super competitive and all super gone.  

We've had others make the argument that our game is too soft.  I've always offered to help those people setup their own promi, none of them have taken me up on it. 
The last gen QMT and FAF code bases are super mature and easily setup, I'd argue FAF was probably the best.  

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 26, 2021, 06:58:38 AM »
Oh absolutely, all it's going to do is bring back clan hopping and likely more solo-play.     

I considered a few different protections including preventing killing those who have made <100 attacks, but they're all gamable.  A race that can't be killed would just be used as a storehouse. 

We can turn kills back on for a round, but it will cause a rebalancing. 

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 25, 2021, 05:54:50 PM »

Yeah I remember that now.   
Thanks for that. 

Will enable kills next round, yall be nice tho

Also, zero interest in operating an oldschool style promi server.       
If yall want one I'd be happy to help with the setup, webhosts are dirt cheap these days. 

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 25, 2021, 03:19:07 PM »
Hi Windhound, thanks for your quick response.

Nutshell; Someone can only be killed when in a clan. Also, if someone does not have a sufficient amount of loyalty saved up, killing someone is next to impossible. I had Scorpion send me loyalty in order to heal, after my run I only had approx 100 turns left. Which means that if I had to loot or scoot or forage to get health up, it would not have been enough.

To remedy this, perhaps make grabs under 500 50% more difficult. That would mean you would require at least to people actively hitting in order to kill.

Still I think killing someone that is clanned "needs" to be possible. That's the risk of being clanned and having the benefit of indef. landgrabs, aiding etc.

Anyway. hope a dialogue can be opened. At least we know Dark and Charlie would have been killed ;)

Agreed, the problem at the time was a few members were running a training clan with a group of newbies, which was needed to get around the aid credit restrictions and it was nice for them to be grouped together.   
Then someone got bored and started shooting fish in a barrel. 

tbh kill runs become pretty easy with three+ players, 's how they were typically coordinated in the past.  No need for extra loyalty, just hand off the torch. 

We have 'Standards under 500' coded in, I don't remember why it was turned off. 
It forces you to use Standard (all unit) attacks on empires under 500 acres, this would have made your kill runs today significantly more difficult, unless I'm mistaken on Ryu's net makeup (I haven't looked as I have a playing account this round).     

If most of yall want kills re-enabled, with or without 'Standards under 500', I don't mind.     

[wash my mouth out!!!] this
I was also planning to revisit the word filter

just remove it

Naaah, we aint an oldschool promi, I saw those old boards. 
Went through real quick and just made some quick adjustments, it's just not as in-your-face now.   

Reg Discussion / Re: What a joke.
« on: March 25, 2021, 02:56:27 PM »
[wash my mouth out!!!] this
I was also planning to revisit the word filter

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