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  • August 19, 2019, 07:47:51 AM
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Author Topic: I'll come up with a better title for this later. It's RP time.  (Read 2678 times)

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(I'll add the Abbey in later, I'm still working out my character but we can start with the vermin for now.)

In the remnants of a church, the horde set up their base camp. Hide had his men set him up inside the main building, under part of the roof that remained. His horde had grown in the past few weeks, vermin from around Mossflower had been recruited and coerced into joining.
   Hide was building an army. He had found the red abbey place, and decided he wanted to make it his own. He was a leader, sure, but not a warlord. The Abbeybeasts wouldn’t fear him. The stoat was small, soft spoken, not the usual horde leader material. He had earned his place though. Hide was a skilled Assassin, anyone who dared defy him didn’t stick around to defy him for long. Direct warfare wasn’t his style. If this was going to work, Hide was going to need some help.
   Donning a mask made out of the skin of a ferret he’d killed, Hide left his tent to seek out Razco. The wildcat was new to his horde but was already proving to be a valuable asset, and may prove to be even more valuable.
   He found the rat sitting just outside the ruins. Approaching, he motioned for the rat to follow him.
   “Razco. I need you.”
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