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  • April 26, 2019, 07:29:06 AM
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Author Topic: Forum Rules / Quick Review  (Read 2843 times)

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Forum Rules / Quick Review
« on: August 08, 2006, 01:51:33 PM »

Forum Rules / Quick Review

Our rules have been posted many times and in lots of different places. Because of several changes in forum programs, some are hard to find. It is the member?s responsibility to know the rules. I therefore make this quick overview so new people can find the basic overview of the rules:

?   Our theme is that of the books called Redwall and warring forest animals with medieval weaponry.

?   New members are encouraged to make introductory posts in the General Discussion.

?   Although the average age of members is about 20, we do have some members under 13 years of age. Because of this we maintain a PG13 rating.

?   Staff members will be treated with respect when doing their staff jobs.

?   Advertising, double posting and spam is only allowed in the Spa Room 101.

?   It is sometimes hard for the Staff to determine if a post is simply an expression of being upset or ?flame? (intent to provoke). However, obvious and / or repeated flame will have the Staff after you fast.

?   Unless you are 7 years old, we expect basic grammar and capitalizing without instant message type expressions like ?I 3ink u r Gr8?.

?   Insults toward a person?s ?out of character? are never allowed. Don?t even think about insulting someone based on his or her race, heritage, age, intelligence, sexual orientation, religion, etc ?

?   Insults to the actions of a person?s ?in character? are allowed if either factual or expressed within the forum?s theme, such as ?You tailless rat.?

?   Most of all, you are encouraged to have fun!

This topic is locked so that only the Staff may make additions.

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