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Author Topic: Shael's To Do List: Bugs (last updated 6/22/11)  (Read 1507 times)

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Shael's To Do List: Bugs (last updated 6/22/11)
« on: October 03, 2006, 05:56:00 PM »

I know I have a topic in GD, but it's kind of disorganized. I'll pin this one, and lock it. This list will be added to and updated as time goes on. Developments will not be added here.

If there's something you think should be modified or added to this list, or you have information about one of these bugs, contact me. Like, now.
[You can contact Shael by PM'ing here on the forums, or talking to her on her AIM (theladyshael)] - Peace

If you don't see a certain bug up here, either I think it's fixed, or I don't know about it.

Bugs being investigated/worked on:

-too new to delete account output
-ghost cities
-time-to-market bug

Recently fixed:

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