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Author Topic: Frequently asked questions.  (Read 3011 times)

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Frequently asked questions.
« on: July 07, 2008, 05:02:37 PM »

Frequently asked questions.

I am often asked the same questions over the years, for some reason I never wrote down the answers so I could quickly respond. I have listed them here, mostly for my own use. I will add as I recall more.

View an updated version of the FAQ at

Which Administrator do I write when I need something?

We have three Admins in each game. No one Admin can be available at all times and all Admins can help you. However you are likely to get the fastest response to first try the Admin that specializes in the type of problem you are having.

Disabled or log in problems.
Either “Daughters of Delor (Admin) (#1)” or “wolf bite (Admin) (#2)”

Questions on how the game works:
Primarily “wolf bite (Admin) (#2)” and back up by “Peace Alliance (Admin) (#3)”

Finding a mentor/teacher:
“wolf bite (Admin) (#2)”

Ideas for game changes:
“Peace Alliance (Admin) (#3)”

Reporting bugs or programming problems:
“Daughters of Delor (Admin) (#1)”

What is the difference between Regular and Turbo?

-1 turn per 10 minutes
-No theme
-Never resets
-minus 6% health to attack

-5 turns per 10 minutes
-Resets every month on the 28th
-minus 4% health to attack

How many accounts can I have?

You may have ONE account on each game, we normally operate 2 games. The computer will catch you if you have more than one account on the same game and disable them, which you will need to contact an admin to get one of them back running for you.

Why is there a star “ * ” next to some accounts?

Those people are on line now or were recently. People usually get mad if you attack them when on line. If you want to talk to them, it is likely they are still there and will see their mail and respond.

How do I play?

There is a Help section that even has a tutorial. Also we have people that volunteer to teach listed in the link called Mentors on the sign up page. If you log into the forum and go to the help section, you can search for a word string that may bring up your answer or post a question there and let the community answer you.

Can you tell me how to play?

Because I can see what all the accounts are doing, it is unfair for me to tell someone what to do. But I will answer direct questions about how things work or problems you are having.

Is there more than one way to play?

We call them strategies and it is endless the combinations people can think of. I recommend the strategy taught in the Tutorial for beginners, it is called a Market Strategy. You support your army from the money your Markets make and feed your army from the Foragers. This is easy to play, but has limitations that it does not work well after you get into the higher ranks.

Can you find me a teacher?

Yes I can. Tell me a little about you such as your age, state or country you are in, how long you have been playing, and if you know what strategy you want, what is it? I will contact someone I feel is a fit, but will not tell them your account name until they agree to teach you.

Can you tell me what is going on with a different player or do you think my attack plans will work?

I can only tell you how the game works, not what is going on with the game. I will not tell you anything about other plays besides what you can see yourself. I may decide to look over your plan to see if it works in concept, but I will give no clues that will be unfair to your enemies.

I have no money or food?

Likely you did not build enough Markets and Foragers. If this is the case, then sell some of your army to the mercenaries and maybe even go to Cluny’s Hut and take out a short term loan and use that money to build on your vacant land. If you had built a lot of Markets and foragers and still running out of cash and food, then you have grown your army too big for the amount of land you have. Either reduce the size of your army by selling a lot of them, or find out about other strategies that better fit your aggressiveness.

My workers are leaving?

Workers come and go every time you lose land or even build on your land. They do affect slightly some of the math that makes you stronger, but not that much and they self adjust. Stop watching them.

Does someone hate me, I was attacked?

This is a game of war. People need more land to build buildings to get strong, the fastest way to get new land is to conquer it from someone. Most likely you had land and someone wanted it. If they kept attacking you until you had little left, it may have been personal and you may want to try diplomacy, or simply fire back.

I can’t keep all the cash and food in the “green”?

After you were attacked, you have less land and less markets and foragers, so you are not making enough to support your troops right now on your land. Check to make sure you have enough saved up to take a bunch of turns, then gain new land and build on it so you get out of the “red” and back into the green. Some strategies are in the “red” most of the time. As long as you have enough saved up until you get back into the green you will be fine.

What do the buildings do?

Markets = Make you cash
Tents = Convinces more workers to move in (Don’t worry about these)
Barracks = Makes armies. (Be sure to have enough food and cash first)
Camps =Reduce the cost of paying your army (Don’t worry much about these)
Huts = Leaders who do magic move in.
Foragers = Make you food
Towers = Adds to your defense (will not be much help from big people)
Cities = Adds to your cash and food and makes it harder to kill you. One is nice when affordable.
Vacant land = Does almost nothing for you, build on it!

If you are the Admin, why do you have an account?

The account you are writing to is not playing, just watching. Like a referee in a ball game, they need to stand on the field. Sometimes an admin does play on an account that looks like the other players, but they are restricted from seeing anything that would give them unfair advantage.

My Health will not go back to 100%?

You must have put your Tax rate too high. Anything over 11% will keep your health from going all the way back up. A good tip is to try to always leave your account at 100% because it makes your defenses stronger and less of your army will die if you are attacked.

How do I join a clan?

Click on the clan name to read about the clan. If you want to join them, write a letter of introduction to the management and ask for the password. When you have the password, go to Clans, use the drop down  to list the clan, enter the password, zap, you are in the clan.

I have a brother or sister that wants to play on the same computer?

We do allow both of you to play, but the accounts are closely watched. You will be under special rules that restrict you from doing anything a cheater would use 2 accounts for. If the Staff even suspects misuse, your accounts will be temporarily disabled before you are asked about the situation.

The rules are: Both accounts can’t take part in the same killing of another player, One account can not continuously send aid to the other, one account can not retaliate for attacks on the other, and basically anything that makes the accounts look like they are working together.

It keeps saying I need more Leaders no matter how many Huts I build?

Leaders work different than Armies. The Barracks keep producing army and it just gets bigger and bigger. On the other hand, Leaders move into huts up to 100 per hut, and then they stop. Then if you lose land or demolish Huts, they will leave until you only have 175 left per hut. When you are using your Leaders to attack someone then it is a complicated math that is based on how many Leaders you have per Land. But to do self help like open Raiders or raise Defenses it is based on Leaders per Hut. Constantly building more Huts will only make too many Huts for the Leaders slowly moving in. So, go to General’s hut and check how many Leaders you have per Hut. Then start taking down Huts from the Demolish page (which you will find the link at the bottom of the Construct page). Take down Huts until you have 100 or more Leaders per Hut and all your self help magic should work.

Why can’t I use my Saved Turns?

When you go to Main Menu you will see it says how many turns you get and how often (depending on which game you are playing). You can also see how many turns you have and the Max amount of turns you can have saved up. If you have not been using your turns, then it will fill to the max and the new turns will load up in Saved Turns. Once you have used some of your normal turns, then the Saved Turns will slowly refill to normal Turns. This will reload your normal Turns faster. Other than that, you can not directly access your Saved Turns.

What is my net worth?

Net worth is a collection of the value of everything you own. You can check it out by going to Army Status and clicking Networth Makeup. This will show how your net worth is calculated, however the resources you have which are only a small % will not be seen. Someone spying you only sees what it shows on your main menu. If you are a Fox and have hidden your net, a spy will show your clocked net. However an experienced player seeing what food, loyalty, cash and army you own could figure out a Fox's net worth.

How can some people have such a high net worth on little land?

Unless the person is holding only food, the cost to pay an army that big can not be supported and they can not take many turns without needing to sell armies before each turn. Some team strategies will have the full team to send all their goods to one person to protect everyone's goods or to have a player that can be extremely strong against the foes of the team. In other words, most people you see with outrageous net worth ether cant afford to take a turn or someone else is supporting them with cash.

How do I die or am killed?

Unlike most video games, low health does not kill you, it is makes your armies that percentage weaker. There are 2 ways to die. 1) Inactivity, more than just logging in to check your account, you MUST use a turn every week. We recommend you use a turn every 3 days to be sure. If killed by inactivity, asking an admin can bring your account back to life. 2) Loss of ALL your land down to 0 land. This is because someone (or a group) all attacked you a lot and took all your land. Almost always there is a reason for this such as something you or your clan did to them to provoke such an extreme response. “Kill Runs” are not often done in regular play. If someone does kill you, you will be able to restart your account and start over new with the same account number.

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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2012, 11:04:12 AM »

How do i get an avatar pic in forums?
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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2012, 11:05:35 AM »

profile -> account settings -> look and layout

insert the url of the pic you want
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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2012, 07:43:09 PM »

Or upload directly from your computer.
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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2012, 07:50:23 PM »

What exactly is a URL?
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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2012, 07:53:34 PM »

a website
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Re: Frequently asked questions.
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2012, 10:36:35 AM »

I void warranties
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