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Hey guys and gals

We rolled out two fairly major new features today:

1)  Global Logins.  Your forum account is your RWL account, no more three sets of passwords. 
As you can see with the turbo signup, it really simplifies things out.
Any issues with this part please let me know.

2) Turbo style.  Turbo is completely different layout wise, even if you normally don't play Turbo I highly recommend taking a look. 
Any issues with this part please let Ollie know.

Oh, and there's a new chatbox.  It may float around till I find where I want it to go, or it may stay aaalll the way down there.  We'll see.

Aaand I posted the topic with Nero, my test account.  Not worth fixing.

Gen. Volkov:
Interesting, but will be there an option to go back to the classic style for old fogies like me?

Oh my gosh! I love it! And yeah. Eventually, I'll get nostalgic and want the old one back for a run.

Gotta say, both windy and ollie did a fantastic job with the new theme and the global logins. Thank guys :)


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