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RWL is 10 years old today

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The Lady Shael:
Happy 10th Birthday RWL!!

Hard to believe that RWL has been around for a some ways so much has changed, and in others it has remained very much the same. ^.^

Do you remember when you first started at RWL? What have been your favorite memories?

Also, extra points to anyone who can bring back old members...

Ungatt Trunn II:
Started in '07 some time. Joined forums April Fools of '08.

All I remember was being terrible at the game and having a clan trying to do mercenary stuff and mostly failing also I think Peace STILL owes me money for a job my clan did for him but he never paid.

Oh man. I have a bit to say but I'll type it when I get home.

Yay Redwall! I remember being completely amazed and surprised at you people... :)

Congratulations on the 10year milestone

*1    Ruler of Conjuration (#21)   179,727   $524,175,144   Marten   Mossflower
*1   Barely Active (#13)   154,532   $450,624,172      Southsward   Magpie

Top spot in both servers I call Redwall my home server. You should hire professionals to exact the code  :)


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