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wolf bite:
The Admins were in the Admin castle preparing for a meeting but strangely windy was not present. Shael was examining her muffin which Holby put some strange jam on as wolf bite and Shadow talked about old times and making jokes about the other’s clan. The door flew open and the weary windy stumbled in.

windy out of breath, “Its coming, their coming!” he collapsed on the table. Scarwake splashed water on windy to bring him around. Groggy and hysterical windy continued, “I was out hunting with my hounds in the north when I saw some smoke in the distance, I crept over the hill and saw them! The Badger Lord and his full army making camp.”

“What are they doing so close?” said a worried Shael.

“They were breaking camp to head to us. We are in danger as a new emperor will soon be among us.” Said windy as he was gathering his wits and sipping at the class.

wolf bite grabbed his broadswords off the table shouting, “My Knights to arms!” and started for the door.

Shadow grabbed wolf bite by the arm, “No my brother. This beast is too big for one warlord or even one clan. It is the biggest emperor to ever try to take Redwall. We may be doomed.”

Shael stepped forward in her light blue dress as if she could float and calmly said, “But it is not as big as ALL of Redwall. Luckily we have many experienced warlords in town with the RtR festival going on.  We even have our most famous Slayer.” She sent a wink to wolf bite.

“Then so be it!” said Shadow, “We must work together or all will be lost.”

“Very true,” continued wolf bite, “there is the greater cause than any minor wars. Our very existence is in danger. We will band together to fight the Badger Lord and his armies then plunder his riches.”

The admins agree as they put their swords together. Although the dazed windy was not all that sure what he agreed to.

[Soon a giant emperor will appear in game which can only be beaten and raided should all the game work together.]

Wolf Bite
(Admin Duties)

Gen. Volkov:
So, like, is he just gonna sit there, or will there actually be activity out of the emp? Will he have minions of some sort?

wolf bite:
The Badger Lord will suddenly appear and will be enormous. At this time it does not look like he will fire back or take turns. He will be loaded with special but different types of armies. Also he will have a ton of stuff to be taken, assuming we can break him.

Firing away at him will barely hurt him. Thus we need to build large armies to get over his top and recover the gold. It will be how we do it that will matter.

No one person or clan can run with that much armies. Do the clans work separately trying to build to be the first to break him? Does everyone get together and share in the slaying and the gold? Does everyone join clans so that they can move around the goods. Do the independents make deals among themselves or with clans? What deals must be made to insure everyone gets what they put in?

Wolf Bite

He might be active.
Not in the 'making runs' full-on bot sense (with the army load that'd be tough..), but either retal attacks or a general peppering of the top ten could happen. 

Gen. Volkov:
That would make things more interesting. Oh, one other question, is he going to be the old Badger race, with the "Burrow" racial spell? Cause that would make him extra-tough to beat.


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