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The Badger is here!

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wolf bite:
Everything had become sleepy around Redwall with The Badger still not arriving. Some went back to their normal jobs forgetting about becoming ready for war. Others were so stressed out waiting for the pending doom they formed a new cult called “We Are Road Kill”. The Admins and Mods kept working making plans in the Admin Castle. Maybe a bit more relaxed than they had been since they had many more breaks for occasional yoga classes.

The calm was broken with a storm. First a soft sound from the distance, then the yelling kept echoing by others until the words could be made out. “The Badger is here!” was being yelled by everyone. All the Admins ran to the window to look down into the courtyard to see if the battle was in town. There were citizens running around yelling as they made their way to their homes to grab their swords. Except for one, it was Firetooth slowly walking carrying a sign “Buy your goods at Tooth & Brother General Store.”

All the Admins looked at each other because they could not see The Badger or what was exciting all the townsfolk. Holby walks over to the window, “I don’t recall that mountain to the west?” In slow motion everyone looks up to see a badger the size of a mountain.

Back to the planning table they all run. Ideas where being shot out and quickly shot down. “Even with all of our forces put together we have no chance,” said Shael gravely, “we are doomed.”

Shadow rips out is abacus, looks at it then tosses it in the fire place. No one had a workable solution. In walked Northern Hordes with the daily mail and he noticed the gloom in the room. “Why are we not charging to war?” he asked.

wolf bite with his muzzle in in paws glanced up and said, “In all my years of being the Emperor Slayer I have never faced one where I am as small as their toe.”

Thoughtfully Northern Hordes replied, “Surely you have not thought of all options? Such as there are the 4 armies flanking our town. Do we know what effect attacking them will have on The Badger?”

Straightening his back wolf bite boldly said, “All options are cannot be excluded until we know all the facts. Test them I say. To war against the minions!” With that he charges out to battle.

With a smirk Shadow laughed, “He keeps exiting out like that … but he is right. We don’t know all the information until we fight what we can. All warlords to the castle gate as we prepare to attack The Long Patrol!”

In short time all the warlords were standing side by side waiting for the horn of war to blow. With the trumpet sound the battle is on!

[The Badger is Too Big to attack. The 4 helpers are in the Long Patrol clan, they are fully automated bots that are interactive and not controlled by anyone. Test them to discover the secret to take out The Badger.]

Wolf Bite
(Admin Duties)

OOC: aid credits been changed?

No. I believe we set it up so that it will be achievable, albeit difficult, in the current setup provided people work effectively together.

If that is not the case we can revisit down the road.

Fun fact if anyone hasn't noticed it yet, viewing the long patrol clan shows the squads as being stoats instead of hares

wolf bite:
Good job! There are many interesting things about The Badger and his 4 helpers. Watch them, test them to discover them. Then share what is known to everyone as we all put this together. 

(windy did a lot of work which is what took so much time. Ok, ... a lot of that was thinking about what to program, but he did an amazing job. Let us just hope he did not put too much AI into then and they don't take over the internet or anything!)

Wolf Bite


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