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Battle of the Long Patrol

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wolf bite:

First there was the long stare between the sides as they sized each other up. The critters of Redwall stood proud and unafraid of the pending battle. The Lady Shael stood in the center with Volkov on one side and wolf bite on the other. Next to them were the Woof and Honor clans respectfully, then JKWC, Northern and EOTP. In the next line of warlords stood the unclaned. It was so silent the grass could be heard growing.

On the other side were the 4 white Hares of the Long Patrol. They chomped and hissed waiting to bring the blood of their enemies back to their master, The Badger. They could hold back no longer and charged. Shael gave out a gasp and with that Redwall warlords charged the hares. Blades and spares were clashing. The Woof clan all aimed at one hare and the force of their armies charging knocked the first hare onto its back. Honor used its skill attacking the second hare by ducking the hares blow then swinging up on top of it and riding the beast. Juska took on one by himself with his massive amount of rats who completely covered the third hare. windy organized the unclaned warlords to charge the forth hare who turned and ran in fear.

The first wave of attacks went surprisingly well as the hares proved to be untrained fighters. All 4 of them retreated back across the field. Redwall rejoiced and cheered that they had won. With the hares pushed back so fast even The badger would be no problem. Holby and Firetooth even started to plan afternoon tea.

TS said, “I thought they were white, now they are gray?!”

Everyone looked over and sure enough, the Hares were bigger and gray. Again to the war lines everyone went for the second wave. Woof charged, but this time the Hare plowed right through them. Honor with all agility attacked, but the Hare clapped its paws together and squashed them. Juska’s rats attacked the third but the hare simply jumped over them. Windy’s crew beat their chests  and drums but this time the hare charged them, forcing a fast retreat.

All made it back inside the town’s gates which were then firmly sealed with the sound of the 4 hares scratching at the walls. Everyone thought the hares were not fearsome but they must have mutated or something. “Who saw what?” demanded Shadow, “someone write down what we know so we can formulate a counter strike.”

[The Hares are evolving and may become more of a threat then first perceived. Use this thread to note what you have observed to uncover the secrets of the Long patrol.]

Wolf Bite
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Squad beta number 53 attacked his own clanmate Squad Charlie 4x with Naval assault. Unsure how this works.
Sun, 16 Oct 2016 09:00:02 -0700   Squad Beta (#53)
Clan: LP   Squad Charlie (#54)
Clan: LP   Naval Assault
546 Acres

They also copy attacks to a degree. Used mostly navals after being hit with navals and since being hit with frontal started using frontal.
The badger hasn't dropped networth so perhaps they are gaining those benefits?
Someone keep an eye on if they grow during your run. I think they're hidden races all called hare but they have different bonus. Different defense on leaders when I tried to get all of their stats. They had the same leader count, I got 2 of them and failed the third. Later on got the third which had identical leaders and land.

So there's a few starting points at least. I think the more you indy the bigger they grow and the more resources we make the more they get resources instead. No idea just speculating blindly.

wolf bite:
When they first started I noticed they take time between each of them running. They seem to attack people 4 times, unless they don't break then they don't attack that person again.

Also strange is that after they run they seem to get bigger. When they started that were about 93M net. now look at them. Not sure if that is a race thing, they are getting aid, or are running full turns in indy. But maybe something to watch.

Right now they are:

8    ?    Squad Beta (#53)    15,355    $158,389,015    LP (War)    Hare    Western Shores
9    ?    Squad Charlie (#54)    14,807    $147,559,452    LP (War)    Hare    Western Shores
14    ?    Squad Delta (#55)    25,119    $136,924,453    LP (War)    Hare    Western Shores
15    ?    Squad Alpha (#52)    16,095    $127,505,166    LP (War)    Hare    Western Shores

Wolf Bite

I'm not sure how this works yet but I noticed the badger got attacked once and dropped around 400million networth? Were they killed in one failed attack or has he started burying assets?
Cos if the badger is aiding there is a great chance his ratio is not as powerful as we assume. Unless there's some cheating and he can hold more leaders than huts it's not going to be very difficult for me to get through his leaders.

I'll keep a very close eye on the activity of this LP crew. Whoever can actively post their stats please feel free to copy regular espionages and paste them here or send them to my warlord for evaluation.
Interesting to see. I hope they run turns soon so we can gather more information. Perhaps we can get someone who is ready to run to test a few moves against them?

Twilight Shadow:
So when Lucy did her attack to the badger lord, I see that the 4 hares at an identical time attacked her with a standard attack. Just something to note if one becomes big enough to hit the badger.

Otherwise they have been running 12 hours apart and use all of their turns in basically "0" seconds.


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