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Gen. Volkov:
So, we managed to pool enough rats to break the Badger tonight, and suddenly Alpha resurrected as "Zombie Alpha", and the Badger dissappeared, replaced with "Zombie Beta". Now Zombie Alpha is in vacation. So... either windy made a coding mistake, or the admins just pulled a massive bait and switch on us. Either way, not exactly happy here. :(

wolf bite:
Your Army trembles at your attack on such a strong opponent. 4.23% desert!
Your raiders gather their provisions and venture forth,
Your Army breaks through Badger Lord's defenses and captures 5,455 Acres of Land! In the effort, you lost:
83,318,938 Rats
In their defense, Badger Lord lost:
55,903,823 Mice

Wolf Bite, Emperor Slayer (even if the emperor vanished)
With Woof at my side


I would write up a long RP I have have in my head, but sleep is calling. Thanks all for letting me just net up there for over a week Gathering with the help of my Loyal Clan working hard sending up armies.

If this is an admin bait and switch then im done.  i can handle a little admin meddling but not this much.  not fun.

vacation is a bug, they should have stayed active and defended their master.

No sure I get what you mean by the bait and switch, though.

EDIT: Oh, I see what you mean. Yea, that's not what was supposed to happen =/.

Zombie Alpha also attached Zombie Beta.


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