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Woof declares war on Honor

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wolf bite:
So here we are, last day. Where we all jump up and pose for the camera. But apparently that is not the Woof clan's intent. They launch a sneak net killing attack against Honor's 2 two members. I am shocked.

But they say, oh it is just a little of your net. No, it is the HONOR of breaking a no war pack on the last day because they were slightly less in net than we were. We did better despite all the difficulties that were caused for us.

Did anyone really want the game to end like this? Apparently some poor sports did.

Wolf Bite

I'm not getting into this again.

wolf bite:
For the last 3 months, all to provocation, back stabbing, sneak attacks have been against me. Many things which everyone would normally find unsportsmanlike and protest, but for some reason no one seems to mind because it is me. Then if I stand up for myself, or retaliate for the bad treatment, I am called the aggressor or that I complain too much by mentioning it.

Let it be known, that I DID NOT cause all this drama this round.

Let us just say that I did what Shadow did. I would be called a poor loser.

But despite all this I have kept bouncing back. Despite what people may recall from all those years ago. I never lied and never ever back stabbed or broke a promise. But I will stand up to myself and others against bullies.

This game was to have ended in peace. It was agreed. But it seems the woof clan had other ideas about keeping their honor.

Wolf Bite

Gen. Volkov:
A) I agreed to let one Honor member end the game in the top 3 ranks. I have not broken that promise, as Manus and yourself are currently 2 and 3.

B) Jesus tapdancing Christ on a pogo stick, I am tired of your bull[poop] WB. As far as I can tell, Shadow hasn't done much at all to you. I don't know what your game is, but I'm tired of it.

Declaring war on the last day? What is this? The Anglo-Zanzibar War?

If my memory serves me correctly, the last day is always a poo show. Then we'll have the expected "I forgot login and take my goods off the market" or other similar excuses.

I would have been surprised if the game had ended peacefully. Would have been quite boring actually.


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