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The Official RWL Photo Album

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The Lady Shael:
 The album is now up! Run by myself and Scarwake/TJ, we hope to have more pictures coming soon. We also suggest you hurry while there's still room on the front page. The url is rather hard to memorize, and I haven't found a decent shortcut url for it yet, so bookmark it.

If you plan on attending the RWLCon, these pictures may be helpful.


We currently have 50 pictures, including a whole lot of RWLers which I'm too lazy to list right now, a RWL group picture drawn by Cal, two group photos done by Cal and TJ, and a RWL drawing done by Kelly Hamilton.

The ordering of the pictures is: drawings and group photos, admins in order of admin-ship, mods in order of mod-ship, followed by ex-admins, then the album assistant(TJ), and then everyone else in alphabetical order.

You can submit your picture by contacting me or TJ on MSN, that's TheLadyShael and SavagePark03, respectively, or you can reach us on MSN. TJ's is, and mine is Make sure it's in JPEG format.

Ashyra Nightwing:
 Try . They do URL cloaking. It's a way to shorten the URL, so becomes  

The Lady Shael:
 Ah, thanks! The new, shorter url is now: !

 For some reason Ad's pic isn't showing. Is it just me?

P.S. Don't let my pic fool you. My hair's actually dark blonde. It was ridiculously dark in the restaurant where my sister took that pic.

The Lady Shael:
 Hm, I can see it fine, it's also on TJ's and Ad's site, so you can check there if you want. It's probably just you. ^_^


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